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Ravan Samhita pdf is a book about the wisdom of Ravana and the knowledge he gained with time. From astrology and devotion to healing, the Ravan Samhita offers a multifaceted view of Ravan’s life.
Ravan was called the biggest worshiper of lord Shiv; thus, he had immense knowledge about tantra Vidya ( Black magic ). One can learn a lot of knowledge and wisdom which one can apply to become a better human being. Read about your 

Ravan and his life is discussed in ramayan in detail. You can read about in LankaKand

Ravan Samhita pdf Download


Ravan Samhita pdf Summary

Ravan Samhita pdf 

It consists of various parts, which include Shiv Upasana, Tantra Sadhana, Chikitsa, and Jyotish.


Yogmudra is an ancient meditation practice described in the book called Ravan Samhita. Yogmudra is believed to help balance the body’s energy flow and enhance concentration. Ravan was a powerful asur; he was a master of yoga mudra.

Ravan Rath 

Most of us believe that the origin of the airplane was first seen in the art of Leonardo Da Vinci. However, according to Hindu literature, a concept similar to aircraft was seen in Ramayan. It was owned by Ravan and called Pushpak Viman.

Shiv Upasana

Ravan was a Shiv worshiper. Once, Ravan went to Mount Kailash and lifted it in his and started walking. Due to the movement, lord shiv woke up from his deep meditation and added a little pressure on his toe. Ravan was crushed under the pressure of the mountain. To please lord Shiva, he wrote Shiv Tandav. There are a lot of learnings about lord Shiva and how one can please lord Shiva to get his divine blessings.

Tantra Sadhana

Tantra Sadhana in Ravan Samhita had many rituals to attain spiritual awakening, self-realization, and union with the divine.
Ravan was called prakand vidwan, which means he knew about the entire universe.
In his book Ravan Samhita, he mentioned chikitsa and its various principles, which includes
Ayurvedic Principles

  • Treatment of Ailments
  • Mantras and Healing
  • Yantras and Healing Symbols


Jyotish is someone who has a deep knowledge about celestial bodies such as stars and planets. Ravan Samhita has an entire chapter dedicated to it.


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